Heather Gough

Assistant Professor


Prior to joining the faculty at Humboldt State University, Dr. Gough served as both an attorney and social worker across the state of California (including here in Humboldt County) and in Nevada. Practice areas included federal Indian law, foster youth advocacy, counseling, adult mental health law, guardianship, tribal sovereignty issues across spectrums of care, corrections, juvenile probation, in-home behavioral health, urban debate as well as international experience with Romani and North African immigrant populations. 

A passionate teacher, Dr. Gough’s classes are informed by her research areas which include: decolonization of professional curricula and pedagogy in both law and social work; Federal Indian law, sovereignty and behavioral health with Indigenous/Native communities; social welfare policy; and advocacy strategies. She also served as an Assistant Professor at the University of Nevada, Reno prior to the birth of her amazing daughter. Education: J.D. (U.C. Berkeley); Ph.D. (Justice Studies, Arizona State University); MSW (Univ. of Denver).

J.D. (U.C. Berkeley)
Ph.D. (Justice Studies, Arizona State University)
MSW (Univ. of Denver)
Heather Gough
(707) 826-4561
Behavioral and Social Sciences 454