Adult Protective Services MSW Training Program

The mission of CalSWEC’s Adults and Aging Program is to increase California’s investment in Adults and Aging services workforce development, in order to achieve better outcomes for disabled and older adults. 

Developed as the Aging Initiative through a series of meetings and summits held by CalSWEC stakeholders, the Adults and Aging Program has worked with MSW programs and with Adults and Aging Services units around the state to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and skills across systems for over ten years. 

Adults and Aging Program activities now include a funded training program for MSW students and two workforce development evaluation projects, as well as the development of curriculum competencies, materials, and resources focused on adults and aging services as a field of practice, for use by MSW programs throughout the state.

Full-Time Program: 

  • An $20,000 per year stipend during the Advanced Year of the MSW program.

  • The student must take an additional 1.5 unit Aging Seminar course each semester during their senior year AND complete an applied research project focused on Adults and Aging.

  • The student must complete a 18-month employment obligation after graduation at a public Adult Protective Services program in the state of California for each year that they receive the stipend.

  • Students must be enrolled as  Advanced Year Social Work Graduate Students at Cal Poly Humboldt to apply for the program.

  • The number of stipends is limited. Applications must demonstrate commitment to public Adult Protective Services. 

  • A competitive panel interview process may be held that includes Humboldt staff, faculty, and representatives from local public adult protective service agencies, to choose program participants. 



For questions or for more information, please contact:
Jamie Jensen, MSW, PhD
Aging & Adult Services Project Coordinator 

Phone: 707.826.4567
Office: Behavioral and Social Sciences 546