Altruistic Behavior Institute

The Altruistic Behavior Institute (also known as the Altruistic Personality and Prosocial Behavior Institute) was founded in 1982 by Dr. Samuel P. Oliner and Dr. Pearl Oliner, who recognized the need for more research into the areas of altruism and prosocial behavior.  The Institute was founded with the dual purpose of studying specific examples of heroic and conventional altruism and seeking out ways to enhance altruism and prosocial behavior in society.  Sam is a native of Poland, a Holocaust survivor, and an Emeritus Professor of Sociology at Humboldt State University. Pearl is an Emeritus Professor of Education at Humboldt State.  The Directors of the Institute are Sam Oliner and Ronnie Swartz.   Ronnie is a Professor in the Department of Social Work at Humboldt State.

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