BASW Advising

Upon being accepted into the BASW Program, each student will be assigned an advisor. You are required to meet with your advisor or participate in a group advising session each semester. This is how you will have your registration holds released, otherwise you will not have access to registration. You will also meet with your advisor to complete your Major Contract, which lays out your plan for completing the BASW course of study. You are encouraged to do this during your Junior year so that you do not miss any key foundational coursework.

Much of the coursework in the BASW progam must be completed in sequence, for example you cannot enter your senior year field placement until you have completed your 300 level coursework. Your advisor will also inform you of when you will need to complete the Application for Graduation form.

You are also encouraged to schedule times to talk with your advisor to learn more about professional social work, potential field placements and areas of opportunity. If you hope to continue your studies in the future, you will need academic letters of reference, and your advisor will be more able to write you a quality letter if you have made a point to talk with them about your goals and accomplishments.