Professor Jen Maguire Presents at the 9th International Conference on Health, Wellness & Society

Professor Jen Maguire Presents at the 9th International Conference on Health, Wellness & Society

Professor Jen Maguire Presents at the 9th International Conference on Health, Wellness & Society

The Ninth International Conference on Health, Wellness & Society was held at UC Berkeley on September 19 & 20, 2019.  Founded in 2011, the Health, Wellness, and Society Research Network is brought together by a common concern in the fields of human health and wellness, and in particular their social interconnections and implications.  

HSU Department of Social Work Professor Jen Maguire attended to present and also to receive an award as an Emerging Scholar!


Title: Ending hunger and homelessness among college students: innovative research-driven campus-wide food programs and gatekeeper training interventions to support basic needs

Subtitle: Promoting college student health, wellbeing and success

Presentation type:
• Innovative showcase

College is a gateway to economic self-sufficiency, especially for first-generation students, yet many find the total costs of college exceed their expectations and abilities, negatively impacting health, retention and persistence. Students frequently endure challenges like hunger and homelessness along with under- or un-treated physical and mental health symptoms. The CSU Study of Student Basic Needs (Crutchfield & Maguire, 2018) is the most comprehensive mixed-methods study of university students’ prevalence of unmet food and housing needs, as well as relationships with health and academic outcomes ever completed within a 4-year higher education system. 41.6% of CSU students reported food insecurity and 10.9% of CSU students reported homelessness in the last 12 months. Qualitative data illustrate students’ experiences. Students with unmet basic needs also missed more days of school or work, often connected to health. Innovative practices are needed to promote health and wellbeing among students in ways that support their long-term success, and presenters will share information on two such programs: 1) development and operation of a campus food program including a peer-educator managed food pantry, systematic collection and redistribution of catering leftovers, and targeted fund-raising, and 2) the free I CAN HELP Gatekeeper program used by a number of universities to increase wellness through both a reduction in risk factors for suicide and increased awareness of and appropriate helping behaviors among faculty, staff, and students related to health and other basic needs. We share key learning outcomes data and free resources participants can immediately take back to their own campus.

College Student Food Insecurity and Homelessness, Health; Mental Health Wellbeing, Innovative Practices, I CAN HELP Gatekeeper Suicide Prevention

Knowledge focus:

Presentation theme:
Health Promotion and Education

Lead author: Jennifer Maguire
Brian Mistler
Mira Friedman
Rashida Crutchfield