Provisional Acceptance to BASW Program

Full acceptance into the major requires that all of the admission standards be met, including a well-written and thoughtful Personal Statement. Provisional major status may be granted to any student who does not meet the requirements at any time in his/her education, including:

• Outstanding pre-requisites
• A marginal GPA (overall or in required coursework for the major)
• Academic difficulty in coursework within the social work major
• A poorly written Personal Statement (structural or content)
• Lack of grasp on social justice, generalist social work practice, and/or social work ethics and values
• Particular concerns observed by faculty that may inhibit successful completion of course and fieldwork.
• A significant event or consistent pattern that is in violation of the NASW Code of Ethics or the University Student Conduct Code (HSU catalog, “The Fine Print”).

Students who are given a “provisional” major status must work out a plan with their faculty advisor that identifies those areas requiring improvement and details how each will be addressed in order for the student to be accepted as a social work major. This plan is time limited and monitored by the faculty advisor.