Can I receive credit for my past volunteer or work experience?

The BASW Program Director may consider a request for waiver of SW 255, on a case by case basis.  Circumstances could include transfer students who would not have access to a comparable course in their community and/or have significant past employment experience in the field of social work practice.

For additional information, please contact the BASW Program Director.  No other coursework can be waived and no other credit is provided for past volunteer work experience.

Can I have a couple pre-reqs that need to be taken and still get into the BASW program?

Yes. However, you need to complete the prerequisites before beginning the major course sequence (300-level courses) in the Fall. Full admission to the BASW program will not be granted until you have completed and passed all prerequisites.  Applicants wishing to transfer to HSU as a social work major and continuing HSU students who want to change their major to social work are strongly encouraged to review their standing in relation to pre-reqs so they do not find themselves taking classes at HSU for a longer period than they intended.