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Information Type: Statement


The people of Israel and Palestine are currently going through an extremely difficult and heart-breaking time marked by major losses. The ongoing conflict in the region has created suffering and a humanitarian crisis that has left many people and communities facing adversity, fear, uncertainty and profound loss.

This is a time of immense suffering for all those affected by the conflict. The number of people grieving the loss of their loved ones is increasing with each passing hour. And the terror grows every minute.

Social workers in Israel and Palestine are also affected by the impact of this conflict; however, they uphold their professional responsibility by being actively involved in providing social counselling support and assisting people affected by the critical humanitarian crisis.

These social workers show immense courage and compassion as they operate on the front lines, making a significant difference to the lives of people and communities affected by the ongoing conflict. They play a crucial role in reuniting families who have been separated, supporting people with missing or dead relatives, supporting people evacuated from conflict zones, providing assistance to children whose parents are missing or dead, and providing essential support to those stuck in regions lacking essential food supplies.

Despite being situated on opposing sides of the conflict, social workers in both countries encounter similar challenges while assisting affected people, which are going through the same experience of trauma. Their selfless actions are an inspiration to us all and exemplify the core principles of social work – upholding human dignity, promoting well-being and sustaining peace.

On behalf of both IFSW regions, Europe and Asia-Pacific, representing both countries, Israel and Palestine, we extend our deepest support to social workers as they navigate through this tragedy. We hope that social workers can find ways to support one another during these challenging times, so they can keep their personal resilience and professional strength.

It is our fervent hope that a swift and lasting peace will be established in the region, ensuring the safety and well-being of all civilians in Israel and Palestine. We envision a near future where the threat of injury and loss of life no longer looms over the daily existence of the people living in this area.

Ana RADULESCU                                                                        Machiko Ohara

IFSW Europe President                                                               IFSW Asia-Pacific President