Debbie Gonzalez

Assistant Professor & Bachelors Director


Dr. Debbie Gonzalez graduated from Humboldt State in 1997 with degrees in Social Work and Philosophy. In Debbie’s early social work practice, she worked with families experiencing homelessness, problematic substance use, and domestic violence. In 2003, Debbie entered graduate school in Chico State's Master of Social Work program as a Title-IV-E recipient. This opportunity provided her with experience to work with State Adoptions and Child Welfare. She graduated in 2005 and returned to Humboldt County to work with Humboldt County's Child Welfare services. Dr. Gonzalez began teaching at Humboldt State as a lecturer in 2008. She returned to school in 2016 to earn her doctoral degree from St. Catherine's/St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She graduated in 2019 with a doctoral degree in Social Work with an emphasis in teaching social work. Her doctoral dissertation was titled, Exploring the flipped classroom model: In social work education. Dr. Gonzalez’ instructional approach attempts to create the same environment as her most memorable professors created in the classroom. She strives to demonstrate with a quiet demeanor how to be a fierce advocate, and to show students how not only to see hope but to believe in it, even when it is difficult to see. Dr. Gonzalez teaches in both the MSW and BASW programs. Her current research interests are: Creating virtual simulations to be used in the classroom, Utilizing Trauma-Informed Pedagogy to increase engagement, and Increasing Cal Poly’s social work students connections and access to international social work students in the global north. 

Debbie Gonzalez
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Behavioral & Social Sciences 540