MSW Masters Projects

All MSW students will complete a Masters Project as their culminating experience. The Masters Project documents the student’s achievement of their learning outcomes at the graduate level. Projects must be evaluated by at least two faculty members and a community partner, these members make up the Project Committee. Projects must also meet the requirements of Graduate Studies.  A project must evidence originality and independent thinking, appropriate form and organization, and a rationale. It is described and summarized in a written abstract that includes the project's significance, objectives, methodology and a conclusion or recommendation.

Project summaries are published in the Digital Scholar Database and available to the public. For examples of past Social Work Masters Projects please visit the links below.

Community Partners: It is the vision of the Department that Masters Projects are of lasting and sustainable utility to the community.  Ideally, students will bring forward project proposals that have originated from within communities and organizations.  Every project committee must have a community representative. 

Course Work: MSW students will participate in SW 682 and SW 683 during the development and completion of their project. The faculty teaching this course will serve as the student's Committee Chair and will provide guidance, feedback and direction.

Masters Project Handbook: Each year students will receive an updated handbook with an overview, guidelines and current deadlines in order to assist in their project development.

Please follow the links below to view Masters Projects from past years.