Fall 2016 eNewsletter

Hello Members of the Extended Cal Poly Humboldt Social Work Community,

I’m writing this introduction on Indigenous Peoples’ Day and I’m thinking about people risking their safety and declaring their purpose at Standing Rock. I’m thinking about the demonstrations of strength and invitations to reflect that Black Lives Matter has brought into focus. I’m thinking about new protections for farmworkers in California.

So much is going on right now to move concerns about social justice from the margins to the mainstream. Meanwhile, racism and other discriminatory practices are being espoused by the person in second place for the highest elected position in the United States. How can all this be reconciled? I don’t know. But I do know that I am proud to work in a department that is clear in its resolve to stand with people doing the good work at Standing Rock, with Black Lives Matter, and with many other efforts across the region, nation, and world that are consistent with our Department Vision Statement.

Some of what we are doing to manifest this vision is within.

Ronnie Swartz
Chair, Department of Social Work