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Our program curriculum maintains an emphasis on working with Indigenous and Rural Peoples.

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Social Work Department Statement Regarding Executive Order 13950: On Combating Race and Sex Stereotyping

The Social Work Department is fully committed to Decolonization Theory and Practice, with an emphasis on rural communities. Our program vision and mission which embraces a critical perspective on race stands in opposition to the above order. 

Although the impacts of this order are still too early to understand, we feel that as social work practitioners and educators we need to take this order seriously as it has direct implications to funding, grants, training, and other opportunities which promote diversity and inclusion.

We strongly encourage advocating to promote federal policy which continues to support diversity and prevents discrimination by enforcing laws which are designed to protect our rights and identities.


The Council on Social Work Education regarding Executive Order 13950:

"Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) President and CEO Darla Spence Coffey, PhD, MSW, today issued the following statement regarding a September 22, 2020, executive order that would limit diversity, racism, and sexism training available for federal employees, contractors, and grantees.

Social work programs across the country value and respect diversity and inclusiveness, are committed to a learning environment of cultural humility, and exist to prepare social workers to advance equity and justice. As such, the Council on Social Work Education takes issue with the president’s recent executive order, which seeks to obfuscate the reality of institutional and systemic racism and make it harder for federal employees and grantees to understand what racist and sexist practices look like. The president’s misguided order seeks to prevent federal workers and grantees from being given the chance to clearly understand and therefore address racist and sexist practices.” (Link to statement here)

The Department of Social Work maintains an emphasis on working with Indigenous and rural communities.  Coursework is designed to decolonize mainstream social work practice by building reciprocal and dynamic relationships and to support people who are rooted in their communities. 

Our rigorous programs are fully accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and have options to meet your needs in advancing your current career, making a transition, or adding a degree to amplify your voice to better serve the community you call home.

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