Fall 2014 eNewsletter

Dear Students,  Alumni and Community Members,

Thank you for keeping up with our newsletter. I was looking through some archival program documents last week and I reviewed the long, but intermittent, history of Humboldt Department of Social Work newsletters. We've always had more going on than we are able to share in a newsletter. I hope you will subscribe to our Facebook page where news is shared quickly and consistently.

This summer we bid farewell to Michael and Erin Yellow Bird. They've moved on to Fargo, ND where Michael is now directing North Dakota State University's Tribal and Indigenous Peoples' Studies Program. We hope to continue our five year relationship across the expanse of mountains, rivers, lakes, plains, and prairies.

This semester's newsletter includes highlights in relation to students, faculty, and the community.  Check it out.


Ronnie Swartz
Chair, Department of Social Work