Spring 2015 eNewsletter

Hello Members of the Humboldt Department of Social Work Community,

This Spring 2015 e-Newsletter features some of the cool things students, staff, and faculty from the program are up to. We try to make the length of this newsletter long enough to richly describe people's efforts, but not so long that you are disinclined to read it. You should know, though, that there are stories of other great things people are doing that we aren't telling here. We have faculty who are working on ways to better support bilingual students in their social work education and faculty who are re-invigorating local community organizing (an area of social work practice that has been quiet in this region for a while). Social work faculty are strengthening relationships between academic and practice communities (which aren't that discreet). We are increasing educational accessibility to people who aren't able to attend an on campus social work program and we are addressing food security concerns for students who are on campus.

There's more, too.  Get in touch with us  and we can tell you.  For now, here's the newsletter.  Check it out.


Ronnie Swartz
Chair, Department of Social Work