Spring 2016 eNewsletter

Hello Members of the Extended Cal Poly Humboldt Social Work Community,

This semester's newsletter features innovative and respectful examples of the work students, staff, faculty, and alumni are engaged in. While many members of our department have been involved in practice before joining Humboldt and continue to do so after leaving Humboldt, I'd like to call out one person who has been a cornerstone of our department. Sheri Johnson will be retiring from Cal Poly Humboldt this summer. Sheri has been responsible for the successful placement of close to 1,000 students in social work field sites during her time at Humboldt. She led the development of graduate-level social work internships and has supported the transformation of professional social services on the North Coast and throughout the state. Sheri embraces what the world brings to her. She harnesses the energies of organizational stress and lets them pass through her with integrity and grace. She brings flowers in the morning and she transforms light into color, metaphorically and literally.

On behalf of the entire department, to her I say, "xiexie".

Ronnie Swartz
Chair, Department of Social Work