Spring 2017 eNewsletter

Hello Cal Poly Humboldt Social Work community members and welcome to our latest newsletter,

Please take some time to read about activities our students, faculty, staff, graduates, and community members are up to. You’ll find out how well we are living up to our Department Purpose that says, in part, “we will offer students and community members opportunities to develop skills, leadership capacity, knowledge, practices, and methodologies for fostering change; bringing about social justice, environmental justice, and economic justice; and addressing and healing the ongoing effects of colonization.”

As a part of our commitment to building community and moving toward action we have created a website open to current and past students as well as community partners. As faculty member Jamie Jensen says, “The philosophy of this site comes from a non-expert paradigm and recognizes that none of us knows enough on our own, and each of us knows a great deal! This is a place to act from a place of love and kindness. This is a place to organize and unite.”  

Check it out here: http://hsusocialworkcommunity.ning.com.

Ronnie Swartz
Chair, Department of Social Work