Spring 2018 eNewsletter

Hello Cal Poly Humboldt Social Work Community Members,

We have another inspiring newsletter to share with you. I remember when Pam Brown re-invigorated our department newsletter 13 years ago. It was in hard copy of course (or what I like to think of as analog). When I look through my old emails of what electronic versions of organizational newsletters looked like in 2003, I see a whole lot of text and not much else. Things have changed in relation to the format of our newsletter over the years, but our commitment to serving rural and Indigenous communities has not changed.

We continue to push for social work education, research, and practice that is affirming of multiple ways of knowing and being. One of our stated purposes as a department is to: "Offer students and community members opportunities to develop skills, leadership capacity, knowledge, practices, and methodologies for fostering change; bringing about social justice, environmental justice, and economic justice; and addressing and healing the ongoing effects of colonization."

We're still working on it as you'll read in the stories below.
Ronnie Swartz
Department Chair