MSW Field Experience

As a generalist program, HSU is proud to have a strong pool of MSW field placement sites in a range of practice areas including schools, tribal services, non-profit organizations, county social services and integrated behavioral health settings.  We value a student’s field experience as a fundamental aspect of their professional development, where students have the opportunity to practice skills directly under observation with feedback from a skilled and experienced social work professional.

MSW students complete at least 960 documented field hours; 480 hours each academic year.  This reflects a weekly commitment during each semester of at least 16 hours per week of field activities including an hour per week of MSW supervision.  Students admitted as Advanced Standing to the advanced year will only complete 480 hours of field experience.  All placements are for a full academic year, from Fall to Spring semester.

Placement Process

MSW internship field placements require a preliminary meeting with and final approval from Yvonne Doble, Director of Field Education.  Students will complete an Application to Field Education, as well as submit a current resume in preparation for placement planning.  Students in the Humboldt County vicinity will have an opportunity to interview with two to three approved sites before a final placement is confirmed.

Out of area students will be provided individualized support for the field placement process.  For DL MSW students this occurs during the two semesters prior to beginning placement.  Support includes information regarding existing placements in their region and in-depth guidance regarding the parameters for employment-based internships as relevant.  Meetings with the Field Director may occur via web or phone, as well as in person during campus orientations/intensives.  All approved field sites will meet our Field Requirements prior to placement confirmation.

Part-time/Online MSW Program Field Hours

DL MSW Students should plan for an average of 16 hours of field activities during the semesters they are enrolled in field seminar.  DL MSW students complete field seminar coursework during the third and fourth semesters of their Foundation year (SW 555) and the third and fourth semester of their Advanced year (SW 655).  For more information, please review the Online Field Experience page.

NOTE:  All MSW internship field placements require a preliminary meeting with and final approval from Yvonne Doble, Director of Field Education: